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JALLABINA® is a workout inspired by the lovely Middle Eastern culture. Belly Dance, but also everything from traditional Dabke to Hip hop is mixed in this fusion class that will leave you with a big smile on your lips.


ZUMBA® mixes Latin music with world rhythms. Easy steps combined with great music makes you forget that you are working out. Get ready to let loose and have fun!


Basic Reggaeton

Want to become heavier in your dance? Then this is the class for you! We go through basic dance steps to hot Reggaeton music from Puerto Rico. A fun and intense class with loads of energy.

Belly Dance

Want to move your hips like Shakira? Then this is the class for you. We will go through the basics of the Egyptian style Belly Dance, with all it's isolation technique and hip and shimmy  movements and practice some easy choreographies. 


Golden   Ladies


If you are looking for an easy and fun class with a lower tempo, this class is for you! Here you train at your own speed. We mix music from all over the world and throw in a couple of songs from "the good old days". Also a good class if you have just recovered from an injury etc.


We are a great group of ladies that have danced together for years. If you are new, you will quickly be part of the gang! 




& Combos

Let's take a deep-dive into the Egyptian culture! In this class we will go through the different rhythms used in Oriental Dance, and practice some good, innovative combinations that go with them. Lena will also throw in some shimmy drills for you to really evolve as a dancer.

(price 100 kr / 10$)